Online Payment system (Cashless / e-money) will work using e-money as to substitute of
money, where customers will pay for LLTT and LLTTT services using e-money and UPTD
PALD employees will bring EDC (Electronic Data Capture) machine to process payment by
the e-money. The transaction process in the electronic system does not run in cash.
However, to anticipate payments by cash, the e-money system is also still usable, where the
e-money used by UPTD PALD given to its employees. Furthermore, the employees must to
deposit money that has been receive to the UPTD PALD account.

To process the e-money model can run, UPTD PALD will be needed the bank as the recipient
of deposit money. UPTD PALD will cooperate with the bank and develop a computerized
system for recording cash inflow or Online Application.

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