In the Tuberculosis disease control program, examination of sputum specimens holds an important role in the diagnosis of Tuberculosis. TB suspect needs to be examined sputum with standard and reliable inspection methods, both microscopic examination, Quick Test Molecular, bacterial breeding / examination of drug sensitivity to LPA (Line Assay Probe). Sputum specimens are collected from primary health facilities or facilities other health and sent to the examiner laboratory.

In the diagnosis of new tuberculosis diagnosis according to Minister of Health Regulation no 67 year 2016 page 63, specimens of sputum from suspected TB will be checked with a Quick Test Molecular (TCM). This tool has been provided and shared by the National TB Control Program at selected health services with the intention of increasing TB suspected access to technology recently. Thus, health facilities close to TCM can deliver specimens unpredictable sputum TB for better quality examination.

To facilitate the monitoring of the shipping process from a health facility to a TCM service, then required an information system that will become a common basic platform for users, either faskes (PKM, Lab, RS), transport service providers, Health Office and TB Sub-unit. Information Systems this should be user friendly and effective in monitoring the use of party transport mechanisms third or if using other options including internal courier faskes, in the process shipping specimens for TCM inspection.

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